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Future Infrastructures: Water, Energy and Justice

Sample Course Syllabi

INT-CS 130 DI: Deserts, Islands, and Other Energy Infrastructures

Spring 2023

Stephen Borunda, Film and Media Studies
Surojit Kayal, English

This course was conceptualized and developed by Stephen and Surojit as part of the Crossroads 2.0 fellowship program, a UCSB-wide competition for teaching an interdisciplinary course on environmental justice by two graduate students from different disciplines in the College of Creative Studies. Stephen and Surojit proposed, developed, and taught this course building on their collaboration as Orfalea graduate fellows. 

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FAMST 262EI and HIST 201C: Energy Justice in Global Perspective

Winter 2019

Prof. Janet Walker, Film and Media Studies
Prof. Stephan Miescher, History
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GLOBAL 253: Infrastructures and Technologies of Globalization

Winter 2020

Prof. Charmaine Chua
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English 238: Critical Infrastructure Studies 

Fall 2020

Non-UCSB Course Syllabi

Geographies of Infrastructure

Spring 2021

Prof. Scott Kirsch, The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

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Concrete Politics: The Anthropology of Infrastructures and Development

Fall 2020

Prof. Jon Schubert, The Graduate Institute of Geneva

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Underworlds: Infrastructure and Society

Fall 2019

Prof. Bilge O’Hearn, The University. of Texas at El Paso

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Race and/as Technology: Biopolitics, Engineered Inequality, and Racism  

Summer 2021

Prof. Josef Barla and Prof. Vicky Kluzik, Goethe University of Frankfurt

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Nature and Infrastructure

Spring 2020

Prof. Ateya Khorakiwala, Columbia University

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Sustainable Infrastructure Systems

Fall 2020

Prof. Julie Albright and Prof. Edward Maby, University of Southern California

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Evolution of Infrastructure and Society

Fall 2020

Prof. Sybil Derrible, University of Illinois Chicago 

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