Cluster Podcast Series

Orfalea Center Thematic Research Cluster

Structural Violence, Police/Prison Abolition, and Decoloniality

Podcast Series

This the “Structural Violence, Decoloniality, and Police/Prison” research cluster’s podcast series. In this series, the cluster’s fellow, Gehad Abaza, interviews scholars, including both graduate students and professors, about their work. This podcast is relevant for students, researchers, and activists interested in learning about a variety of compelling projects that cover carcerality and structural violence. 

What Can we Learn from the Gulag Today? – An Interview with Alexandra Noi:

Ethnography and Archives from the Margins – An Interview with Mina Ibrahim:

Using the Archive for a Different Public Memory – An Interview with Salma Shash:

Pedagogy and The Freedom School – An Interview with Dr. Felice Blake:

Global Activism and the Particulars of Combating Police Violence – An Interview with Dr. Jean Beaman:

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