Transnationalizing the Study of the United States

Global South Partners

Birzeit University – West Bank, Palestine

The Muwatin Institute is housed at Birzeit University in the West Bank where they work to explore the definition of democratic systems and human rights in all its inherent complications and paradoxes. The institute strives to foster an interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching, thus constructing the space to apply these intellectual and practical tools towards understanding their lived realities. Muwatin strives to provide the space for intellectual inquiries on fundamental issues that concern the Palestinian people as they work collectively towards deconstructing colonialism and hegemony and constructing our national liberation. 

Our partnership with Muwatin allows our research cluster to begin to explore how the ‘war on terror’ is understood from the perspective of the Middle East.  

Our conversations and intellectual production will be of interest to scholars, activistis, and journalists who would like to learn more about the transnational aspects of carcerality and internationalist scholarly work. 

Conversation with Basil Farraj

Page Editor

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