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Voces Mesoamericanas. Acción con Pueblos Migrantes

Voces Mesoamericanas. Acción con Pueblos Migrantes is a civil association founded in 2011 in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, although it is a project that has been in action since 2009. In the beginning, Voces Mesoamericanas placed organized work and organizational work with migrants from the Highlands of Chiapas at the center concerning the migratory processes they carried out to the United States and different parts of Mexico, looking for the different places of work centers. Voces Mesoamericanas is an organization that works from this harsh context experienced in migrations: violence, lack of access to rights, and criminalization. They work in the processes of access to justice for migrants in the Mesoamerican region. They were born with a local focus, but as time has passed, Voces Mesoamericanas has been building a regional social base –Central America, Mexico, and the United States– to walk with migrant peoples to demand justice and demand decent living conditions. They move from the right to roots, the right to good migration, the right to good living, the right to citizenship, and the right to decide where to be and how to live the life we want to live. The team of Voces Mesoamericanas is diverse. It is an intercultural team, which is currently made up of ten people from different backgrounds both in the state of Chiapas and from other parts of Mexico. We have assembled a young team committed to professional work, direct work with the migrant population in accessing their rights in the Central America-Mexico-United States region.

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Gerardo Rodriguez Solis
Gerardo Rodriguez Solis
Anthropology Graduate Student. Research interests: racism, agrarian capitalism, and state formation.
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