Senior Seminar on Nuclear Weapons and International Security, Professor Neil Narang Winter 2019

UCSB’s The Current featured Professor Neil Narang’s “Nuclear Weapons and International Security” class in Winter 2019. Professor Narang is the Co-Convener of The Orfalea Center’s Global Security Hub and an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department.

As he told The Current – “I don’t think there is a single more relevant course that I can teach today,” Narang said. “In one way or another, nuclear weapons appear to be at the heart of some of the most pressing foreign policy challenges. From emerging crises with North Korea and Iran, to the rapid rise of China, to the recent breakdown of arms control agreements with Russia, nuclear weapons cast a long shadow across the headlines over the last decade. And yet, I discovered that few students knew the historical or technical background behind nuclear weapons, the patterns and forces behind nuclear weapons proliferation, or the grave consequences of these weapons for international and regional security.”

“The new course originated when the Stanton Foundation approached Narang about developing a class on nuclear security, one of its philanthropic priorities. The foundation was searching across U.S. universities for exceptional instructors with expertise in the highly specialized field of nuclear security, and Narang — who served as a senior advisor in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy on a Council on Foreign Relations fellowship — fit both criteria.” as mentioned in the report.

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