Melissa Bator
Office Location: 2323 Girvetz
Melissa's research concerns the production of online public goods by interorganizational actors.She is particularly interested in the social and structural tensions found in non-market contexts where these online public goods, which allow organizational actors to coordinate, share, learn, network, etc. (e.g., online social networks, wikis, communities of practice) from each other, are collectively managed by people based in different countries and different organizations. Thus, her work is informed by theories of collective action and social networks, and extends from the assumption that individuals (and systems) have the capacity to learn and adapt.
Curriculum Vitae
Academic Area

Ph.D. Communication, 2017

  • Department of Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Ph.D. Emphasis: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
  • Area of Study: Media Communication & Organizational Communication
  • Dissertation Project: Finding Satisfaction in Self-Organized Virtual Communities

MCIS Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 2007

  • School of Communication and Information
  • Johnson & Johnson Corporate Social Responsibility Fellow
  • Capstone: Implementing an Online Volunteer Support Program at a Decentralized Corporation

B.A. Communication Studies, 2003

  • Department of Communication, Northeastern University
  • B.A. Emphasis: Organizational Communication
  • Honors Thesis: Communication pitfalls within the intelligence community leading up to 9/11

Area of Emphasis: Knowledge Sharing Facilitation