Mission Statement of Minicurso “Global Studies in Brazil”

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The intensive certificate workshop or ‘minicurso’ entitled “Global Studies in Brazil: For a New Interdisciplinary Field – Global South Perspectives and the Public-Facing University” took place at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ, Campus Maracanã) between June 26 and 30, 2023. This initiative is the result of a partnership between the Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the Institute of Social Sciences at UERJ, in Rio de Janeiro.

Global Studies is a relatively new interdisciplinary field of study that examines social, political, economic, and cultural processes and phenomena across borders, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the world. This informs the main objectives of the Minicurso Global Studies in Brazil, which are

  • to introduce participants so some of the principal interdisciplinary research lines, educational philosophies, and public contributions of Global Studies;
  • to discuss the connections between the changing field of Global Studies and interdisciplinary fields such as Critical Security Studies, Environmental Studies, Black Studies, Media & Digital Humanities, Gender/Sexuality Studies and Indigenous Studies,  as well as with Area Studies (of the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, etc).
  • to articulate in Brazil the field of Global Studies and launch a permanent Center for Global Studies at UERJ Institute for Social Sciences, drawing upon Brazilian contributions to this area as well as the most creative and innovative global-south facing and activist-engaged international perspectives; 
  • to plan, together, for the launching of a unique mission for the field of Global Studies in Brazil and to begin to reimagine and generate some preliminary designs for undergraduate and graduate programs in Global Studies in Brazil.

We offered an intensive certificate workshop or ‘minicurso’ on specific topics from a Global Studies perspective, such as:

  • Transnational Indigenous Futures and Global Ecology Struggles;
  • Global Sexualities and Gender Empowerment;
  • Critical Security Studies;
  • Circulations, Diasporas, and Post-Coloniality;
  • Africa and African-Diaspora: Global Studies Lenses;
  • Reimagining Global Media and Social Communication across Borders;
  • Social Policy, Social Inequality and the Usefulness of Global Comparisons.

Professors leading the ‘minicurso’ include faculty from social sciences, history, media studies, and international relations, from UERJ, UFF, UFRJ, as well as from the United States.  The lectures and discussions of the ‘minicurso’ was conducted in Portuguese and English, with simultaneous translation available.


We looked for students from the areas of Social Sciences, Humanities and Applied Health, who were interested in thinking about contemporary challenges through broad and transnational perspectives. Black, Trans, Indigenous, and other marginalized students were especially encouraged to apply. The aim of this course was to foster an inclusive and diverse approach to the study of global issues.


Applications were submitted by June 9th, 2023 through the REGISTRATION FORM: Minicurso UERJ/Orfalea. The results will be sent by email by June 16th, 2023. In the application, candidates sent us a statement explaining their motivations to participate in the ‘minicurso’, as well as providing any relevant experiences. This information will be essential to determining the suitability of each candidate’s profile to the purpose of the ‘minicurso’ and ensure the formation of a diverse and engaged group.


The Certificate of Completion will be jointly issued by the Institute of Social Sciences at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and the Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Attendance was mandatory on the first (June 26) and last day (June 30). In addition, the participant must choose at least three other panels in the remaining days.

Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate and will be part of the inaugural class of specialists in Global Studies in Brazil. 


Where? UERJ (Maracanã Campus)

When? June 26-30, 2023

Session times: June 26 (1pm-5pm) | June 27- 30 (10am-4pm)


Institute of Social Sciences of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)

Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara


Fulbright Brazil Commission