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Egypt Migrations, A Public Humanities Project

Formerly, Egypt Migrations was the Coptic Canadian History Project (CCHP). CCHP was founded by Michael Akladios in fall 2016. Miray Philips joined in 2017 as the Blog editor. And in 2020, we made the transition from the Coptic Canadian History Project to Egypt Migrations! We settled on ‘Egypt Migrations’ for two important reasons. First, “Egypt” does not ascribe a national affiliation for migration actors, while still recognizing the power of the nation and its borders on people’s lives. Second, “migrations” allows us to tell stories of internal migrations, emigration and immigration globally. Egypt Migrations will build on the success of the CCHP to share in the impact of demographic minorities on twentieth century international migrations

Michael Akladios

Dr. Michael Akladios is Founder and Project Manager of the Coptic Canadian History Project (CCHP). He earned his Ph.D. in History from York University, Toronto. His doctoral research was supported by several competitive scholarships, including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Award and the Avie Bennett Historica Canada Dissertation Scholarship. His first book project is entitled Ordinary Copts: Ecumenism, Activism, and Belonging in North American Cities, 1954-1992. Michael has written editorials with Active History, Mada Masr, and Public Orthodoxy. His latest peer-reviewed article, “Heteroglossia: Interpretation and the Experiences of Coptic Immigrants from Egypt in North America, 1955-1975,” will be published in the November 2020 issue of Histoire Sociale/Social History.

Miray Philips

Miray Philips is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Minnesota and a Visiting Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins' School of Advanced International Studies. Her dissertation explores politics and representations of Middle East Christians, especially Coptic Egyptians, in US foreign policy. She is broadly interested in religion and politics, diaspora politicization, memory and cultural trauma, and the politics of knowledge production. Miray was born in Egypt, raised in Kuwait, and now lives between Minneapolis and Washington DC.