Critical Studies on Terrorism Special Section

An upcoming special section of the journal Critical Studies on Terrorism will feature articles from participants of the After After 9/11 Working Group hosted by the Orfalea Center’s Global Security Hub. The six articles assembled in the special section interrogate the important question, “Is there an After, After 9/11?” from a number of distinct disciplinary and methodological perspectives.  The articles, which scrutinize this question by examining historical continuities and dis-continuitieschanges in counterterrorism and counter-radicalisation programsmedia framing of extremism and lone actor terrorism and the discourse on terrorism and counter- terrorism of US Presidents, are currently available online.

Research associated with this working group not published in this special section is currently being compiled, along with the six articles published in Critical Studies on Terrorism, as an edited book by Michael Stohl, Director of the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies, to be published in 2019.

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Melissa Bator
Melissa Bator
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